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Stationary, Paper and Pens

To help organise your event Intoform Newwave offers a wide range of stationary, paper and pens as part of our ‘One Stop Shop’.

The printer paper we supply is suitiable for our hire printers & plotters. The paper is avialable in A1 for the plotter and A3 - A4 for printing.  The Plotter paper is avialable on a roll and the printer paper can be supplied as a ream or boxes with 5 reams.

We offer a full range of coloured Dry Wipe Markers for use on the Workwalls.  Other pens that are avialable are a full colour range of Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers and Edding Fine liners pens. Pencils and highlighters pens in a variety of colours are also avialalbe.

As part of the ‘One Stop Shop’ Intoform NewWave also offers a full range of other stationary essentials that will help your event run smoothly.  To aid with the cleaning of the Workwalls on your event Intoform offer water spray bottles and cleaning cloths. 

We offer a range of ‘Sticky’ products: Sellotape, Scotch tape, masking tape, Blu Tack, White Tack, Pritt Stick, Duct tape.

Our range of ‘Cutting’ products consists of: Scissors, Stanley Craft Knife, Stanley 18mm retractable blade knife and a guilotenes can be supplied upon request.

The stationary items available are rulers, staplers and staples, 2-Hole punches, USB memory sticks, name badges and lanyards, plastic display wallets, etc

If you have any special requests we can source and supply these products so that they are avialable for your use.