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About Us

Intoform NewWave was formed with the aim of designing, developing and marketing their own range of system furniture for the modern office interior, System 14.

With the use of modern materials such as polyurethane edges to the first worktops of the INNOVATION furniture range, progressing with the new range of EVOLUTION furniture which features compact laminate tops and the new dry wipe magnetic laminate surfaces, the Company have secured many Blue Chip clients for the system 14 range.

Intoform NewWave has since grown and evolved, and has designed and developed our own in depth range of Workwalls. 

Intoform NewWave are the original European designers and manufacturers of the Work Wall and the associated items, and we have been developing and expanding our Workwalls since 1997 when the idea first became a realised product. With our unique magnetic, dry wipe laminate surface, Intoforms Workwalls are light and easily manoeuvrable. 

In addition to manufacturing any size, style or shape of Workwall to suit our customers’ requirements, Intoform also provide a complete service package to compliment the Workwalls we provide, the ‘One Stop Shop’. Within the ‘One Stop Shop’ we can provide a wide range of supporting items for use in conjunction with the Workwalls. We have our own range of magnetic items and can provide all the supporting stationary and Audio Visual equipment that may be required by our customer. 

In the high demanding and fast moving modern office environment, where people need the ability to move efficiently and produce results quickly, sometimes on very short notice, Intoform NewWave are proving to be a very worthy partner. With their professional, efficient and flexible attitude towards working with clients, Intoform NewWave are easy to approach and very accommodating in helping the client run a successful event, not just in the UK but in Europe and the rest of the World too. 

Intoform NewWave are members of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) and of the Road Haulage Association (RHA).