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Space Analysis & Project Planning

At Intoform, we believe in helping you get the most out of all of our products. One way we can help you with this is by offering ‘Space Analysis and Project Planning’. 

Our space analysis service can be used to plan your office environment, so you can find the most space efficient way of installing the furniture. We can also help space plan your events to ensure you are getting the best out of the equipment hired or brought from ourselves as events are set up in different locations each time and may require different options.

It can also be used to provide you with suitable layouts, specific to your room, for Workwalls to help you get the best out of your event, whether it be a hire event or a permanent set up. 

We also work with other specialised designers and architects in mapping our products onto your own proposed layouts.  This enables your new floor plan designs to be accurately mapped out with the use of our own furniture models to guarantee accurate positioning of all service points and furniture configurations.