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Magnetic Products

Intoform NewWave provides a range of magnetic items designed for use on their Workwalls. 

Tacktiles, also known as Hypertiles, are a sheet of flexible magnetic material which has a tacky face and a magnetic face this enables the user to easily affix pieces of paper to the Workwall for display purposes. This enables the user to easily affix or remove and reaffix as required the various paper, posters and literature that are used during an event. Intoforms Tacktiles come in a range of standard paper sizes A6, A5 A4 and A3.

Process And Maps are available in 6 different colours, thus individual colours can be used to aid you in your visual representation of your processes, to help clearly identify different areas and lines of work i.e. shows the different activities and how they interact with each other or highlight where the different sectors share common activities.

Our magnets come in two different strengths: normal with multi-coloured caps, or the Intoform Hi Powered neo magnetic complete with a red easy to use cap.

Intoforms pen trays are specifically designed and manufactured to work in sync with the Work Walls. They come in either metal or wood and affix magnetically to the Workwall. Intoform NewWave have also specifically manufactured pen trays which work with the radiant Workwalls. Bespoke sizes and styles also available.

Also offered are magnetic bull dog clips handy for holding cleaning clothes.

All of Intoforms magnetic products can be purchased or hired.