Innovative and flexible solutions generating smart workspace for creative thinking. Create your own flexible presentation space. Intoform are uniquely equipped to provide advanced solutions that work in the real world and can be made even better by personal consultations.


Intoform first developed System 14 to meet the requirements of the modern office in the 21st century. Realising that the demands of our customers are continually changing, we have evolved the system into the new generation offering system, flexibility and optimum space utilisation to keep you at the forefront of the business world.

Technological changes in the modern office together with new ways of working have put demands on contemporary office furniture to meet the needs of the user both today and in the future.

Intoform provides the ideal solution with the introduction of NewWave, Innovation and Evolution as an extension to our current range.

We have on numerous occasions manufactured custom made items or produced special finishes to our standard product.