• Workwalls

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  • The most popular range of Intoform NewWave Workwalls for hire is the Lightweight Work Walls due to their high flexibility and manoeuvrability. The ease at which they can be assembled and disassembled makes for a cost effective mobile solution.

    The larger Standard Workwalls are very favourable within a permanent working center or office environment. The Standard  Worwalls can also be used on the mobile events and are most favoured for providing the radiant room by using the curved walls.

    The Lightwieght and Standard can be mixed on an event as they all follow the same frame characteristics of silver metal surrounds and eliptical holes in the legs. By uniforming the hire workwalls you can mix abd match all the shapes and sizes as required to suit your event. 

    The hire walls all have the new 120 degree arrow head legs on the small end to enable you to create the very popular 'Y' cluster breakout work areas.

    For further information on Intoform Workwalls please see our workwall section.