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  • Double Hinged

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  • Double Hinged Panel give you added benefit of increased flexibility with the walls when space is a premium. When closed the wall can still be used as normal, but when the occassion arises and you need greater working or display area you can easily swing the wall open and double the size of your wall in one simple action. 

    To open the wall there are no catches or locks it is simply pull on the outer panel and the wall opens up to give a great working area. You can also use the wall as a privacy working area where you only work on the insde faces and when required you can close the wall to keep your ongoing work from veiw.

  • Overall Wall size dimensions:

    Closed size: L: 1200mm  H: 2050 mm

    Open size L:2400mm  H:2050mm   

    Width at large leg base: 730 mm  

    Weight: 120kgs