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Lightweight Workwalls

The Lightweight Work Wall offers a cost effective and more flexible alternative to the Standard Workwall. With the slightly lower overall height of 1.9 metres they have a greater manoeuvrability between rooms, easily passing through doorways. 

The Lightweight Workwall range is available in single, double and triple panel Workwalls. The Lightweight Workwall also comes in a single, double and triple panels in the radiant Workwall. 

As with the Standard range of Workwalls, the Lightweight Workwalls also comes either in a metal or timber finish. The metal Work Wall is customarily finished in metallic silver, this, however, can be personalised with either your corporate colour scheme or an influential colour scheme specific to the environment. The timber option is customarily Beech; however there are a variety of timbers available for you to select from. Most timbers are suitable and can be used.

The Lightweight Workwall has an overall height of 1.9 metres and start from an overall width of 1.2 metres for a single panel, going up in increments of 1.2 metres for each additional panel. For full dimensional detail on each size Lightweight Work Wall please download our information sheet on Lightweight Workwalls.  Special widths can be produced for specific areas.